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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and romney will be in iowa. >> thank you. and abc 7 news is live outside the president's second bay area stop and there are protestors waiting to greet the president. >> there are protestors and supporters. the president knows where to get the money when he needs the money, hoping to raise $4 million in next 24 hours. and there is a air force one arriving at 1:45 this afternoon. the president has those fund-raisers on his agenda he's coming here for a one to $200 per person concert featuring john legend when the president and secret service seal the area, it's safe to say the numbers outnumber prot
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testors let's hear from both sides. >> is this the music or president? >> it's important. it's historical. i believe he needs to be back to back. he started a job and needs to be able to complete it. >> do you think you can influence people? >> no. but we plant seeds for having a second thought. i doubt it. and there is loyal opposition for november. >> later on, the president is going to have a party and to,000 a day dinner. and the president will spend the night in san francisco and will depart tomorrow. you can look and see barricades outside united nations plaza. there is reporting live wayne
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freedman abc 7 news. >> and the president traveled to the bay area from keen, he designated the home of caesar chavez as a national monument. he laid flowers on the gravesite and the president called him a hero who brought hope to millions of farm workers who might have remained invisible to much of the nation. >> mitt romney is campaigning with new momentumming cutting into president obama's lead thchl afternoon, governor romney appeared in a rally in virginia and there is america needs this new direction. we cannot go on the path we've been on. and i will do it with your help. >> and there is describing
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leadership as weak. the obama campaign dismissed claims. >> the election is kicking into high gear for county election offices and last day to remember sister to vote by mail is october 30th. and there is you can be sure to stay with us for the coverage of the visit. our live team coverage at 6:00 and throughout the evening police looking for a man who sexual assaulted a woman walking to a bart station. it happened about 6:00 along delta regional train trail in eastern contra costa county. the man fondled her and police say the woman screamed and the man took off, running. glad to say the woman was not
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seriously hurt. and st new details emerge from the killing of a hercules woman. her body wooz found friday night. her family doing everything they can to track down the killer and abc 7 news is live in hercules tonight with more on the story. >> we're just talking with her daughters telling us they're getting a tremendous response on the internet. police asked for, and received, help from the fbi. >> we want to know who did this. >> with fbi combing through her home, her family and friends want her killer captured. >> i hope for anything possible that will lead to finding the person that did to
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this to my mom. >> police say there is no clear moat skbrif they're searching for her 2011 subaru. the car shown here on a web site set up by the family we're a quiet community. it's just a random act of violence. >> the 55-year-old found friday night inside of her front door. an autopsy revealed she died from multiple stab wounds. with only two investigators police asked the fbi for help and this morning a dozen agents spend the day collecting phone shall evidence. >> we'll more than likely take the husband or one members of the family through to see if there is anything miss weg don't know about and there is the only thing we know is missing is the car. >> and those who knew ko are trying to come to grips with her loss. >> this is something i never thought i would see happening to this person. >> this 18-year-old was a student of hers.
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>> who would have intention to do this? this is mind boggling. >> she was still active this the church. >> children just gravitated to her, they graduated and twont high school they met and would talk with her. just a dedicated teacher. >> fbi just wrapped up an investigation within the past few minutes. if you can see police still on the scene here. the family has set a vigil and there is more information about their web site including information about the car on our web site. >> and there is a clean up continuing after last night's
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antiwar rally. hundreds marched through downtown oakland and the glass doors were smashed. there is this mess, windows broken in a office and there is no one arrested. >> gas prices in california continued to climb, triple a shows a price at the pump went up two cents overnight. and in san francisco, jump a penny up to $4:74. there is san jose average up two cents. this is incremental compared to 45 cents we saw last week but there is relief in site. >> there is prices coming down. >> not long after there was a weekend directive ordering regulators to do what it took, the california air resources board won fast approval from u.s. epa to open stop
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requiring expensive summer blend gasoline immediately. since it's only three weeks from the normal switch, the thinking is that dirtier formula wouldn't affect it too much it gives a go ahead to distribute it, and sell it this is intended to increase by 10% taking a few more days to dip at the pump because it told us it's more complicated than flipping a switch. >> there is prices that set a record high. we're paying that. they will be coming down and will be make not be coming down as rapidly as everyone wants. >> this is too little, too late. >> republicans calling for adopting one formula all year long. so the state refineries with bring in oil to keep prices competitive and they say the directive will only reduce
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prices by a small amount. >> there is no lasting solution. aren't we looking for the long term? >> and california adopted stricter standards. the state says summer blends have lessened smog, improving health of californians. >> since it went into affect, there have been thousands who are alive now who won't have been. people with asthma. >> despite problems that have contributed to the spike, senator feinstein has urged the ftc to investigate possible illegal market manipulations. >> if you're looking to find keepest gas in town go to our web site. we'll help you find deals in your neighborhood. >> there is a home the board
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will vote whether he should be removed from office. today, a coalition of groups held a rally outside city hall to urge supervise dwrorz oust mirkarimi considering the vote a milestone moment in the fight for victims rights. saying the actions do not warrant dismissal from the job. it's the culmination of events sneet action more than nine months ago. >> there are so many events happened. december 34 of last year, new year's eve, mirkarimi bruised his wife's arm during an argument over her son and her desire to take their son on an extended visit to convenient swaila. there is the bruise. and that is what is at the
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crux of the case, next day she asked a neighbor to document her injuries and this photo comes from the cell phone video that her neighbor took. next week on january 8th he was sworn in as new sheriff. several days later police arrested the new sheriff, prosecutors charged him with three misdemeanors. he struck a deal march 12th and in return prosecutors dropped a more serious charges and mirkarimi agreed to go to domestic violence classes for a year, perform community service and pay a fichblt now, march 20th mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi after the sheriff refused outright to resign from office.
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that week filing charge wtz enlics commission and proceedings to phone shallly remove mirkarimi from office began. and there is august 16th ruled 4-1, that he committed official misconduct. a month later they sent thousands of pages of research on the case to the board of supervise krors. there it is being carted in. supervisors had been studying that case since september 18th and home the hearing begins. >> and thank you. still to come from 7 on your side there is a web site dedicated to protecting seniors from fraud and abuse z new information on children with autism explains why pairts need to keep tabs on their whereabouts. >> and there is first rain of the season may arrive as soon as this week.
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we'll track it. i'll show you where and when it's a possibility. >> there are angry birds about to roll out a game in
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alarming results of new research under scored a danger of leaving children with autism unattended. nearly half of the autistic children wandered away from home. of those, 25% were in danger of drowning. the research is published in journal pediatric autos one of the most expensive cars on the road is under a recall order. mercedes-benz is recalling 400 of its 2013 -- 2013 model year. saying the refrigeration could
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explode. the sticker price is 100,000s oodz some people most vulnerable whit comes to rip offs are getting help there is this and ace lesson. >> it's all about safety. >> seniors have been targets for conartists now have a new tool to learn how to avoid becoming victims of personal or financial abuse. the designed to connect services they need. and the state department of insurance kez sez when seniors are the victims of fraudulent schemes it's not just them who pay the price its devastating for families if someone is ripped off in later years they zront economic where with all to restore that money meaning their families or state is forced to try to care for that individual because they no longer have where with all to care for themselves.
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>> that zeptz it will be tracking to see how often it is used. >> there is a sign of the times there are people buying fewer greeting cards. a lot fewer greeting cards opting to send through e mail or social networking sites. and there is a challenge so hall mark just announced it will close a plan making one third of cars meaning loss of about 300 jobs seems unbelievable. and there thank you. >> and lukeal yas film is getting angry, angry birds, that is. the game joined with the creator of star wars for a version called angry birds, star wars. and this new game will be out next month with a 1 billion
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down loads world wide. and there is a a tv deal in the works. >> amazing. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. what a nice strt -- start to the weekend. >> there is a live picture from our camera. as we look back there are a few puffy clouds out there. just moisture and combining. it's 72 degrees for the high so far today in san jose. sunny. and there is cooler than where you should be for this time of the year. and checking out live doppler 7 you'll see clouds beginning to show up so changes are coming up and there is just a matter of time as far as when we may be seeing showers. there is a narrow range of highs today. there is partly cloudy
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overnight, a showers that is a what will breng that possibility. it's going to be a cool night. temperatures dipping down into low to mid-40s. most other areas into 50s. there is some clouds first thing in the morning. here is the system we're watching. there is a low bringing possibility of some showers, starting tonight there is some clouds from time to time. stit looks line this, low tracks south ward we'll bring in moisture, monterey bay south bay for wednesday morning. and isolated thunderstorms into higher terrain not out of the economy. and there is phone shall for
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wet weather. tomorrow afternoon, 63 degrees in san francisco. 70 degrees in napa. towards clear lake there may be showers developing tomorrow up there. 68 in oakland. 69 on the peninsula. it's a mild sunny afternoon. monterey bay, 64 in monterey. there is tomorrow game three of the playoff service in the evening. a's host tigers, 6:00 we're looking at 9:00 degrees there is a game getting under way at 6:07. there is accu-weather forecast enproducing a chance of showers well below normal for this time of the year. there is a warmer pattern friday throughout the weekend. bumping up to low 80s by sunday, inland. so there is not too late to
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win $49,000 from abc 7. these people want the chance. there is a winner announced here on abc 7 october 18th. you can enter, too go to and click the button for details. someone out there going to win $49,000. >> that is a lot of money. >> yes. >> and some football to baseball still to come here. boys back in town. there are a's out. >> at 6:00 stem cell researcher won the nobel prize for medicine for work he's been doing here in the bay area.
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a workout for a's today returning home with their backs against the wall a lit bill and each of the next stlee an elimination game. the manager announced that left hander brett anderson will be the starting pitcher. >> there is proof people heading to events this weekend got the message to use public transportation. bart says it had more than 963,000 riders friday through sunday, that is the busiest weekend ever. saturday actually the busiest weekend day in bart's 40 year
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history. that broke the old record by 40,000. and there is a big weekend for muni. 757,000 people rode trains and buses on saturday. sunday, 610,000 riders. >> that is remarkable it is. >> coming up next, there is ancient greek city being built right here. >> shore line of san francisco. we'll take you there when we come back.
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coming up at 6:00 taking you back live to downtown san francisco. the crowd is growing and people not happy with the president's visit here. >> and also, budgets tight for small businesses but what happens when the price of gas reaches a record high?
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how some are squeezing the most out of every gallon. >> the computer that was problematic from nearly day one. >> there is a group of 4th graders able to turn back hands of time and make ancient greece come alive today. >> take a look at this. this is where they had to carve out acrop list -- acropoli soo. they were guide bid master sand sculpture. >> he is the sand matter. from santa cruz that, is taking sand castles to another level. >> and weather cooperated. >> that is right. >> and from all of us here, we sure appreciate your time. >> good nigh


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